About The Game

Created by the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME), Claim Your Future® (formerly known as Get a Life) is a classroom and web-based resource that was created for middle school students, to encourage them to explore education after high school, future careers, and money management.

The Game

When playing the game in the classroom, students are each assigned a unique Claim Your Future game wheel, representing a specific career, college degree, and monthly income. Educators are encouraged to discuss various career and college options and lead students through a monthly budget activity.

Through the game, students begin to understand the strong connection between the choices they make today and their opportunities in the future. They will also learn that higher education leads to more career options and higher paying jobs.

Each Claim Your Future game package includes 50 unique wheels representing various careers and 150 student reward stickers. To order a Claim Your Future classroom game kit, please contact us.


Claim Your Future can also be played online at ClaimYourFuture.com. Through the site, students are able to choose a career and navigate through different spending choices. They will also find descriptions of careers, key vocabulary, and various spending options. Students can also see a visual representation of how much money they’ve spent as they progress through the game. The website also offers:

  • 125 unique career options, including descriptions and key vocabulary
  • A printable budget worksheet
  • Additional financial education resources
  • Educator’s Guide, which includes budget worksheets, a detailed lesson plan, and homework activities

FAME Support

The College Access and Financial Education Team at FAME is also available to present the Claim Your Future game, or conduct “train the trainer” sessions. Please contact us with additional questions, or to schedule a Claim Your Future session at your school.

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